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"commercial" angus

Chiconi grazing has, over the years, invested heavily in the Angus breed from reputable Angus studs in order to breed our own bulls for our commercial Angus herd. 

Upon purchasing "Taylors Plains", Noel and Jo-Anne also decided that they needed to shift away from their predominantly Brahman cross herd and into the increasingly popular Angus breed to better suit their newly acquired property.  Chiconi Grazing purchased a number of stud females and would source outside sires to cross over these females on a yearly basis. All of these progenies are performance recorded for our own records and also if they are sold to other breeding enterprises. 


These home-bred bulls have performed exceptionally well in all seasonal conditions and have provided excellent carcase data, weights and above all, prices. These bulls are often for sale due to surplus numbers. 


The video to the right is the 2017 sire Chiconi Grazing purchased for their elite Angus line of performance recorded breeders - Clunie Range Leap Year. We are very excited to see what this particular bull will do for our "commercial" Angus herd. 


To view the pedigree, EBV's and Raw data scans on Leap Year, please click the button below. 

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