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horses, embryo flushes & semen for sale

QXH Dual N Rooster

$1,375.00 including GST

QXH Dual N Rooster was purchased at the 2017 Landmark Classic sale $35,000.00. Before purchase, Chiconi Grazing did an embryo transfer to Dual N Rooster with Peptos Perfection which produced an attractive filly foal. To date (20.02.2017) QXH Dual N Rooster has produced 32 registered foals. QXH Dual N Rooster displays and excellent temperament,  type and natural ability which he is consistently producing with the foals on the ground. His current service fee is $1,375.00 which includes a Live Foal Guarantee. 



Duckdown. A household name. Famously known as the $80,000 mare, Duckdown has wowed and drawn crowds over the past few years with her athletic prowess. Affectionately know as Duckie, this incredibly special mare has the type, temperament and freakish ability that some people search a lifetime for. On her first run in the campdraft arena, she scored 89 points and although Duckie has undertaken a number of Embryo Transfers, she has already become a Novice Campdraft mare with limited opportunities. To date, Duckdown still holds the record of the highest priced mare sold through Landmark Classic Sale.


*Duckdown has sold 4 embryo flushes to sires of the purchasers' choice.

Acres N Heaven


Acres N Heaven was purchased from the 2016 Landmark Classic sale due to her impressive breeding and excellent type. "Heaven" has a beautiful temperament and is consistently finalling and placing in the campdraft arena. 

*Acres N Heaven has sold 1 embryo flush to the purchasers' sire of choice.

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