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The Chiconi Family originates from Italy and their heritage can be traced back over 7 generations. Upon arriving in Australia, Giuseppe Chiconi and his family registered the original "L3X" cattle brand and to date, this brand has been utilised and remained registered by the Chiconi Family for over 157 years. It is currently owned and used by Gary & Jessie. 

Noel and Jo-Anne Chiconi were married in 1986 and had their first children, twins; Belinda and Warren in the same year. Their youngest child, Gary was born in 1988 and they made their home at Maiden Springs, Hughenden. 

Over the next few years between running their 3 properties around Hughenden, schooling for the 3 children and taking up the sport of campdrafting, Noel and Jo-Anne then sold their properties and purchased "Taylors Plains", which would make a considerable impact to their cattle breeding program. 

Taylors Plains is an 84,911-acre property of predominately brigalow/belah softwood scrub country with over half bladeploughed with established stands of buffel, gatton panic, and bambatsi. The Chiconi family runs a herd of Angus cross cattle that are bred to excel in tough and favourable seasonal conditions. Along with their commercial line of cattle, Noel and Jo-Anne have also purchased 80+ purebred stud Angus females with the intent of breeding some herd bulls for their commercial operation. In recent years, due to a surplus in numbers, these bulls have become available for purchase.  These particular stud females are regularly infused with outside genetics in order to ensure that their gene pool does not reduce. The progeny of these cattle are performance recorded to reinforce the predictability and consistency within their breeding herd.  

Upon moving to Taylors Plains in 2003, Noel and Jo-Anne quickly realised the tremendous carrying capacity and fattening abilities that Taylors Plains offered. Taylors Plains is now run by Noel and Jo-Anne and their youngest son, Gary and his wife Jessie with their two children, Hailey & Samuel. During this time, the Chiconi Family has incorporated Angus, Senegus and now Wagyu into their once predominately Brahman herd. This integration has proved quite successful. 

Among other things, the Chiconi family enjoys the great Australian sport of Campdrafting and attends many campdrafts throughout the year. From 1999 to 2009, Noel was the President of the Australian Campdraft Association and is now a life member and is a member of the ACA judging panel. Gary and Jessie are committee members of the Mitchell Campdraft wherein 2013 & 2015 Chiconi Grazing donated a line of steers for the various campdraft events during the annual event. 

Noel and Jo Anne have also heavily invested in the Campdrafting industry over the past few years with a team of exceptional mares and more recently, their resident stallion, QXH Dual N Rooster, purchased from the Landmark Horse sales and reputable breeders. They are currently involved in embryo transfers with other select sires from around Australia. 
This website has been designed for our family, friends, and the public to peruse at their leisure. We hope that you enjoy the content and feel free to contact us for more information or just say hello!

Cheers from,
The Chiconi Family


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