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Chiconi cattle are resilient and highly fertile breeders with an ability to lay down fat in any season.

Upon purchasing Taylors Plains in 2003, the Chiconi family cattle breeding herd consisted of predominately Brahman and Charbray breeders. From this line of cows, they were consistently crossed with Angus bulls to form the line of Angus cross cows today. 

To save on costs, Noel and Jo-Anne purchased a number of purebred Angus stud females to breed their own Angus bulls for their own purposes. These females have been joined to high-quality Angus, Senegus and Angus/Simmental bulls and in recent years, due to surplus numbers, these bulls have been available for sale.  These home-bred bulls have done a wonderful job on the entire Chiconi breeding herd having reached remarkable prices in the bullock and feeder markets.

Over the last few years, we have begun incorporating premium Wagyu genetics into the Angus X herd and have already achieved an average of $7.07 for weaner F1 Wagyu steers & heifers. To read more on our Wagyu Infusion, click here

Wagyu Infusion

wagyu infusion

chiconi grazing has been joining purebred wagyu bulls to select breeders since 2014 and have become recent members of the Australian Wagyu association.

Since our introduction into Wagyu, we are finding very little not to enjoy. Wagyu is rich in history and the meticulousness of producing premium quality is appealing to our interests.


Wagyu are also known for their ease of calving, excellent temperament and their economic advantages over more common breeds are all reasons why we believe the Angus Wagyu cross is highly successful.


Within our own operation, we believe that Wagyu Infusion into a predominately Angus based breeding herd (including genetics sourced from Raff Angus, Hazeldean Angus, Mirrah Murrah Angus, Sandon Glenoch Angus, Te Mania Angus and Clunie Range Angus) with the all important hybrid vigour factor makes the F1 market hard to pass up. Currently, our Wagyu genetics have been sourced from Wally Rae's Wagyu Stud, "The Overflow", Macquarie Downs (including top priced heifer at the 2017 AWA Elite Wagyu Sale), Trent Bridge Wagyu and Cabassi Wagyu (who recently supplied beef to the leaders at the G20 summit).

Since our trip to Albury in May 2017, Chiconi Grazing has plunged head first into the wagyu world having purchased 6 elite donor females, sourced excellent bull genetics from reputable breeders and are preparing to engage in AI, Embryo and IVF breeding programs to dramatically increase our gene pool as quickly as possible. 

In July 2017, Chiconi Grazing has purchased 347 purebred PTIC Wagyu cows and their progeny has been particularly impressive. We are also offering 650 Wagyu/Angus F1 weaners for sale in September/October 2017 that have had full performance records. 


We look forward to a wonderful future with this interesting breed of cattle.




Macquarie Wagyu K1197 BDWFK119 (AI)

F1 Wagyu Weaners sold for $7.07 p/k in Oct 2016

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