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T A Y L O R S  P L A I N S

Taylors Plains is a 84,911 acre property of predominately brigalow/belah country with over half blade ploughed with established stands of buffel, gatton panick and bambatsi.

Over the last decade, Taylors Plains has evolved in all aspects of property development including fencing, water management (through the use of Observant), blade-ploughing and tree thinning. Taylors Plains has been transformed into a well greased, cattle producing machine currently carrying in excess of 6,500 head plus fattening over 900 bullocks per year. 

Taylors Plains is located 104km north of Mungallala, QLD 4467 and 140km north west of Mitchell, QLD 4465 and is equipped with a fully functioning and maintained airstrip. The property also boasts 2 sets of cattle yards, an extensive laneway system and countless grids to improve efficiency and productivity of daily activities.

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