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future endeavours

In the long term, breeding and providing to excellence to a range of markets in cattle and horses industries is our main priority... 
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As with any business, Chiconi Grazing Pty Ltd is ever-changing, however, we place importance on maintaining our Mission Statement. By holding true to our family values and ideals as a family run business, we believe that the foundation established in the Mission Statement has made Chiconi Grazing what it is today.

With the constant incorporation of technology and data available to us, we are able to better make decisions about future endeavours and easily maintain our performance recording to ensure that we are breeding and providing the right product to that specific industry.

The introduction of the Practical Systems TSi indicator, weigh scales and data collector has exponentially broadened our opportunities to capture the performance of the livestock alongside the use of Stockbook (Practical Systems) for a more detailed outlook, they work together as optimal tools to overview and enhance the breeding herd.

The recent incorporation of Wagyu genetics has proven to be quite successful and we are currently researching as to how invested Chiconi Grazing will become in the F1, purebred and fullblood Wagyu markets. The history of Wagyu is quite interesting and as we have been performance recording a number of the Chiconi grazing herd for some time, it offers the perfect platform to incorporate high-quality Wagyu genetics for short and long-term advantages.

Also, the purchase of QXH Dual N Rooster has cemented our commitment to the horse industry and believe his temperament and ability should not be overlooked. Campdrafting is our horse sport of choice, however, we believe that these horses have the ability to branch out into any equine field due to their temperament and athletic abilities.

Another important goal that the members of Chiconi Grazing are passionate to realise is to eventually become a "Paddock to Plate" enterprise. We intend to produce a product that is palatable to a variety of markets and to maintain a quality of excellence that we pursue on a daily basis. 

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